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Cyclos 4 license

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We can read in the FAQs, that Cyclos 4 will be not be published under the GPL license anymore and that STRO is currently investigating with the help of the Open Source community to develop a 'fair trade' license. Let's start a discussion here.

Indeed, there is a demand on "fair licensing", see for example the recent debates on the CC community mailing list. But I am not aware of any established fair licensing scheme, which excludes "problematic" uses.

I am involved in a consultation for the EUPL 1.2 license. The European Public License is compatible to GPL (and soon to CC-by-sa) and also allows additional agreements. However:
The exclusion of specific uses (i.e. military, hedge funds, unfair trade), although it looks morally well-founded, cannot find place in the licence because in contradiction with the Open Source Definition principle #6 stating: “No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor. The license must not restrict anyone from making use of the program in a specific field of endeavor. For example, it may not restrict the program from being used in a business, or from being used for genetic research.“
The same is true e.g. for GPL licenses.

I think we have two options:

1. Establish an "ethical" license. I am willing to work on that, maybe the EUPL is agood starting point. However, we will get as feedback from the community: do not proliferate licensing and no, this won't be open source anymore.

2. Open up Cyclos to AGPL. Affero means, that all service providers always have to publish all code of their customized extensions, maybe even all scripts and parameters. That would very likely prevent those with "unethical" trading mechanisms, those who want to play pyramide or similar games to use Cyclos as a platform.

But maybe we start a list of uses of Cyclos, which should be prevented by a new licensing scheme.

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Re: Cyclos 4 license

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We considered AGPL for Cyclos4 but it is not strong enough to prevent certain uses. We want to provide clear restrictions such has hedge funds. At this moment we are thinking of providing Cyclos4 free for non profits and a license fee for commercial projects. We will make an announcement about the Cyclos4 license when the first version comes out.
Access to the source code, for both commercial and non profit organizations will be looked at per project. This does not mean that we abandoned the idea of a 'fair trade license'. Any help and ideas about this are welcome. You can write us directly at



Re: Cyclos 4 license

Post by jaime »

sad to hear that. an oscip company has much more expensive need than a regular company. (here in brazil)
AGPL is a very agressive license. but for me sounds like the cyclos devel philosophy, but i dont know how to preserve the source access as it clear demands a link for the source code as its served (that mean that any extension make should be ok with it as well).
i moslty like real free to use like dual licenses, mpl, bsd style, etc

but that is just my 2 cents.

best regards

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