Requisites for a FAZ.

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Requisites for a FAZ.

Post by Frag »

Hi you all, and thank you for any answer ( and sorry for eventually bad english).
I know that maybe some of these questions yet had be asked but i have to check for
a friend if cyclos can make some things, and now and for the next month i don't have
"any" time because four exams at the university.

My friend wants to create a Financial Autonomy Zone (aka FAZ), and there are some
requisites that i don't know if cyclos supports directly or some change to the code
need to be done.(I don't ask to know how to do it, only if cyclos support theese requisites
and/or an eventual tip to make it).

Here they are:

1 - The money used in this faz is a demurrage coin ( from now called "tz"), this means
that if a person have 1000 tz and the annual tax of demmurrage is 10%, the software has
to detract everyday from the account the (10/365)% of the 1000 tz in the account, and put it in
a sort of comun cash where some of the global detracted money will be redistributed monthly
and some of it will be "burned"

2 - The tax of demurrage had to be inserted manually by an authorized person.

3 - The Social Capital:
Every account has has it's own capital value, that is the same for everyone, except for companies
which is the sum of the same value for everyone plus the real value of the company(no matter how
the real value is calculated). In short terms, it's a number associated to every account,
distinct to the money(tz) in cash. The social capital has no demurrage tax.

4 - If my Social Capital is for example 5000, i can "loan"(more exactly capitalize) all or a part of this
value in tz by adding the capitalized value to my money and subtract it from my social capital.
The users choose how to return the money (the periods and the "loan" payments). The time of
pay back can't be longer than the demurrage time. (i.e. 1000 tz at the 10% tax can't be payed back
in more of 10 years).

5 - The "Citizenship Income"
This value ( in tz) is inserted by an authorized users ( or calculated by an algorithm ) and added monthly
to every account

Another time, sorry if some of these questions were answered, i really need an help to handle this and suggest to my
friend the best way to realize this dream. Byez to all.

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Re: Requisites for a FAZ.

Post by Frag »

up, no one can help me?

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Re: Requisites for a FAZ.

Post by cycloshost »


everything your friend demands to create a FAZ is possible with Cyclos. In order to match your business rules with the Cyclos configuration you or someone from your team will need to understand profusely the Cyclos administration. Here is a good way of getting started: ... ness_rules

Cyclos administration and hosting

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