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RSS-Feed for latest public ads

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:19 pm
by timreeves
Hi Team,

we would really like to have an RSS-Feed of the latest public ads.

In a reply to this Post Jaime mentioned he was working on it:

Is anything available?

Best Regards,

Re: RSS-Feed for latest public ads

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:09 pm
by jaime
im not a developer, but i could get it working "hacking" cyclos a bit and using engine.
just add to the add ad .jsp on cyclos a code to publish the ad into
unfortunelly, the callback hack is almost uglier.
im almos redoing cyclos in php, its just not the ideal as cyclos is really hot stuff, but now as i do have clear in my mind how i want it to behave, wouldnt be that hard to mimetic it.
If anyone is interested the concept will be broker centric, with minimal www expose, all the features will be focused on the broker.
Have a wide open system wouldnt make possible fake the market and so wouldnt make difference from a facebook, or google tools, or any software solution.
we will fork our vision to have a brand new approach for the social contribuition.
as small we are, the better. so we will try to brand diferently from sebrae or any big instituition that is allready there.
cyclos has a lot of not enabled feature and sometime fix a bug introduce a new one, otoh its quite a flexible out of the box solution for a quick start, concept testing. should work very well with joomla, as stro allready presented. the economic model and the human resources behind the system are the BIG difference.
the credit control can be make even with a paper and a pen, for start. (or a calc), not as good as use a smart phone, though.

my 0.2 cents after sometime testing it.
warm regards,

Re: RSS-Feed for latest public ads

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:04 am
by jaime
ps: from my time testing it revealed a really nice thing. the system does need a crm, but not a social crm. the power of a social crowd criticism is no good for a startup business for example. so have the feedback and ranking mechanism is really needed, but mostly iy need to be brokered interfaced for appropriate context. (and that is part of our crm that now we focused out of the social network, as there is allready there as we metioned above), the cnossos project also has a nice concept, but dunno if it would be pratical enough. and beside that, the system health index is VERY important for the administrato, as much as a "trend" system for broker. one thing that i couldnt deal yet is about the superbroker model (like franchise or associations), but that would be some much like a fidelity system that we alrreade have some around, so it wouldnt be crucial. atm we are focus on the social counterpart, as much as build something that can run alone in the future in the way that is charity navigator. an attempt to be an incubator of social innitiatives. (hope erveything emerge togheter smoothly) :)

Re: RSS-Feed for latest public ads

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:19 am
by jaime
For the health indexes i really miss web services (but im not sure if it doesnt exists) of system accounts. And for normal pratical locally (Brazil) behaviour something about operator for use the smartphones would be handy, dunno how implement limits per operator, but works like restaurants "continhas" (vale refeição,ticket restaurante etc)