Is Cyclos the way to go for me?

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Is Cyclos the way to go for me?

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I asked a technical question outside the forum and was advised to go here.
I am about to launch a local currency initiative and wish for the local currency to be as liquid as possible. It should be easy to fund your account and it should be easy and painless to take money out of the system. It would also be nice if by and by one could trade with other currencies, both local and national. Can Cyclos hold two or more accounts for the same member, that is in the local currency and in Euros or what have you? The goal would be to make the local currency as practical as possible. Is Cyclos the way to go? :?

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Re: Is Cyclos the way to go for me?

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A user could have two currencies. It is quite common to have a national and local currencies. We suggest to download Cyclos and have a good look at it.

To help Cyclos administrators we made the following documentation available on-line:

The Cyclos Project site offers a good starting point where you can find information and links to other information sources.
A good first step would be to read the Features page. This pages gives a quick overview of the Cyclos functionality. The features page has link to a complete features list.
The FAQ answers the most common questions or directs you where information can be found.
The Cyclos demo page gives access to an online demo.
At the Download page you can download a quick installation package (Stand alone) that can be installed in a few minutes.
For hosting issues, please go to the Cyclos hosting page.
The Wiki offers technical information concerning installation, configuration and maintenance. It also contains information for developers. This is especially useful when you want to install Cyclos or change the code.
Cyclos has a manual that explains the complete user functionality. There is a member, broker and admin manual that can be found when you login in Cyclos (Help - Manual)
The best way to learn about Cyclos is to use it. We provided a default database with a configuration that has the most common functions. You can either use the on-line demo or the stand alone (quick) install. If you have problems installing or configuring Cyclos and you did not find a solution in the documentation or on the forum you could contact one of the hosting companies that offer Cyclos services.

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