Velocity of circulation and unit supply report

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Velocity of circulation and unit supply report

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did you think about implementing a velocity of circulation report in Cyclos? We think this would be a good feature to follow up the health of the exchange system.

Also after studying the reports section, we concluded that the saldo report gives information only when the interchanges are made between different account types. As Cyclos is based on mutual credit, all the interchanges made inside an account type will lead always to a saldo equal to zero. Maybe the report section could be completed with a measure of the nominal value of aggregate transactions for a given account type on a given period.

From these two values could be determined also the unit supply measure. Which system of measuring would be good for mutual credit?We think would be useful also the distribution of the saldo.
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Re: Velocity of circulation and unit supply report

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Cyclos does support mutual credit but it is not a 'mutual credit' system. Mutual credit is an economical model. It is true that the sum of all accounts are zero. This is because transactions are 'double entry' (for a 'debit' there is always a counter 'credit' transaction). Many systems have one system Debit or 'Float' account (type unlimited) that is used for Unit creation and control.

We are at this moment not planning to add any statistics. The reasons is that it is far better to do handle this with separate software. e.g. dataware house software.

We developed a Cyclos module that registered the (average) circulation rate (for any account or saldo) and the age of Units, that must have been originated from a specific unlimited system account (for mutual user credit this won't work). This module is not published open source at this moment. If you are interested in it please let us know.


Re: Velocity of circulation and unit supply report

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interesting concept!
Wouldnt system health measurament also include other indexes?

system health report is really a great idea and is quite what i would like to achieve with risk management (distribuition), saving tax (improve speed) and the mutual credit (funding) concept, but indeed those concepts seems really diferent to me, and quite interesting to understand it better.
Age of units and exchange speed seems to be a good measurement, but im not sure if it would be a better trade off for the mutual credit establishement security.

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