demurage - tiny practical aspects.

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demurage - tiny practical aspects.

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Hi all,

near this super-liquidity-fee-thread i've to open a small one according some very practical questions:
  • - when entering 1% all 3 month, 1st of month, 1:00h, when does it start? I've to determine.
    - when starting, does it start same time for all affected members?

- could start at the next occurence from the point on, where "active" is true. Means: setting it to true at the 8th of octobre, next time it may start either 01. nov, or three month later, 01.feb.
My Target is to have it fixed, in my case the 1st of each quartal.
- could something totally different.

If i setup a new regular fee, the same questions rise, when using larger than monthly time-spans.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Regards, Sam[/list]
Thomas Sam Wittich
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