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Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:16 am
by lfoster
A question about websites and Cyclos. For my regular business website I use Mal's E-Commerce as the shopping cart. Simple coding is all that is necessary to connect my site to the shopping cart. Here are the HTML Tags used:

<form METHOD="POST" ACTION=""> This connects to Mal's E-Commerce. The "addmulti" allows customers to add multiple products to their cart.

<input TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="userid" VALUE="1863195"> This is my Account Number

<input TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="return" VALUE=""> Used to allow the customer to return to the site to continue shopping to add more items.

(The next is the code for the product)
<input TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="units5" VALUE="2.5"> Weight of the product.

<input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="qty5" size="3"> Displays a Box for the customer to input the quantity of product they wish to purchase.

<input TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="product5" VALUE="Everpure H-300 Compatible Filter By Omnipure. [H300C]"> Product Description

<input type=hidden name=discountpr5 value="1,59.95:2,54.95:2,49.95:6,44.95:0,39.95"> Product Price. (This shows quantity discounts)
(End of product code)

<input TYPE= "IMAGE" SRC="../images/cartadd.gif" height="46" width="156" Border="0" VALUE="Buy Me"> A "Add To Cart" button to add product to the shopping cart.

If you click on the link you will see my product webpage and how this looks.

What I would like to do is have this ability for my members to set this up on their own site using simple codes as Mal's E-Commerce uses.

I have looked at the information at ... b_services so I believe this can be done. What I would like to do is to have documentation to make it simple for anyone with a website to have a store with Cyclos as the payment option.

At Mal's E-Commerce, there is simple documentation on what coding is needed and it is really simple for the website owner to set up his store.