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Invoices (pos/web-services)

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:08 pm
by jaime
i didnt looked deep into this, but im thinking how handle invoice.
the idea is to be able to retrieve the invoice (using web-service) and perform the payment.
it seems that invoices are www only (under POS and web-services it appear to be using another approach. having request-payment, do-payment and the ticket for track it down. is that correct? if yes is there any reason for that? it seems that the tickets are like a time limited invoice, but im not sure)

under pos would make sense have the send (and/or pay) invoice option.
it would be cool to have the option to retrieve the invoice and check it status or pay it using web-services.

probably this is allready obsoleted as cyclos4 will expose all the business layer as web-services, and that will be great. :)
i do love the web-services approaches, and the possibility to handle each cyclos aspect using it will be superb. do math over orverall system accounts and so on. i allready this some workaround but for sure im curiosity about cyclos4 to be aligned with the cyclos approach (second broker, qualifications etc).

Best regards,
ps:im tending to make a new page just for broker preference for the user (so the member can select whatever wich permissions it broker will have, under the general broker permission)