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Flexible "leakage" functions?

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:41 pm
by juanaguas
Is it possible to set up different (and possibly quite complex) "leakage" functions as a more flexible form of decay than demurrage?

For example:

(1) Proportional leakage on a mutual credit account. Account balance leaks towards -infinity at a rate proportional to absolute value of balance |B|,
towards 0 if B > 0
towards -infinity if B < 0
static (no leakage) if B = 0

(2) Delayed leakage: Leakage (of whatever sort) begins only after a certain delay (e.g. 3 months).

(3) Stepped leakage: Leakage occurs in one or more phased steps (magnitude of steps and interval between pairs of steps fixed, individually specifiable or defined by a function).

(4) Combinations of the above.

(I assume not, but I need to ask before dismissing this as an option.)

John (: