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business type

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:55 am
by thomasw
Hello again,

(posting each question single make it more useable, i think)

business type, what i found out:

- by default deactivated.
- "mainly a barter feature"
- what i miss: described in the help as to choose when registering, but doesn't appear in a ususal member profile. So, i think, it's usefull if it's hideable in the admin menue.

What which types of business do you use it, eg at barter-systems?
Categories represent more the branch of a company, at least i would use them like this; but categories are only applyable on ad, not on members - ah, that's the difference.
Ok, there's no definite question.

On the other hand, when adding an ad, i can select "private, semi-pro, pro" and so on. These settings are not configurable, i think. Maybe they will get? (For e.g. one could extend (pro with VAT oder pro without VAT or pro with VAT 7%, .... ....)

Thanks & Greetings