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Hi all,
using jquery makes custom attribute handle a piece of cake (i was been beaten to handle the fieldName attribute, for example).

now i wonder what would be the best approach for fieldset and and the "edit,cancel and save" routines.

cyclos mostly relies over class for it, i would like to have some behaviour like linkedin edit, so, edit click would enable (and/or) display only a fieldset, instead of it all.

and, as bonus, get rid out of the 2 buttons display when not editing.

any thinks on that?

i was using hardcoded stuff to get something displaied, but now i can make it more dynamic, if someone has any input, would be welcome.

mostly cyclos use table structure on it display, so it seems pretty obvious (now) how to transverse it DOM to manipulate the attributes to desired behaviours! the question is how this behaviour would be. :)

best regards,
ps: the fieldset stuff would be still a dirty hack approach. (i didnt tested to hack the custom field routines itself) but at a first think we could make use of a custom field to mark the fieldsets.
make it transverse the dom when found a "fieldset" entry (the specific custom field we did, we could use anything that start with fs_ as field internal name to regexp compare it [for example], and the fs_fieldset would apply the 'fieldset' to a portion of the loop until it find a new fs_ entry)... just a quick thinking. thoughts? (maybe something like REL= could be used , dunno yet)

in a more complex approach, we could have divs to target the fieldsets... just brainstorming!!!

some inspiration: ... query-code
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