the demurage issue

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the demurage issue

Post by regioladen »

Hi there,

we run a 3.5.6 cyclos and I have various problems to understand what happens if I configure a demurage. There seems to be also general problems. I've make some tests. Some times the scheduled fee run, but there is no transaction as result. Some times the scheduled fee run, and there is a transaction as result, but the balance of the affected account will not be actualized. I can see the fee transaction but the balance of the accounts stay the same like before the fee transaction. After this effect the affected accounts seems to be blocked in some functions. I assume these are bugs, hope we have a solution in cyclos 3.6.

But now some questions, maybe here is anybody who is familiar with the demurage function.

1. After the run of the scheduled demurage I have tried to increase an account limit. The increased value is shown, but if I try an transaction, the system do not applier. Cause: “low limit”. Is this problem solvable?
2. The percental value for the demurage effects the period I have set for the demurage? Or is it a basic value for a month?
3. If I backdate a normal transaction, the run of the demurage will take the real transaction date, or the backdate to calculate the demurage?

There are so much problems that it is not easy to isolate the different problems ant understand how it is calculated. I've tried to recalculate with the values I have stet. But what the system calculate (if it calculate) stays a mystery to me. :?
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Post by hugo »

There are indeed issues with the positive balance account fee (aka demurrage)
This issues will be fixed in the 3.6 RC2 release. We will improve the documentation. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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