Mobile Number Verification At Registration

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Mobile Number Verification At Registration

Post by barry »

Hi Admin,

Just as email verification can be configured in Cyclos so the user has to verify email before registration can be completed, can same be done with mobile numbers?

That is, Cyclos can be configured such that a code is sent to the mobile number provided during the registration. And the user must in turn enter the code into Cyclos. Until this process is completed, the user will not be registered. This process is similar to the Trusted Device process, the difference however is that the user in this case does not have access until mobile number is verified.

The process is very important to reduce the risk of mobile number fraud which is linked to mobile money fraud.

My humble suggestion.
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Re: Mobile Number Verification At Registration

Post by kzsolt »

Did you manage to activate phone verification by sms at new user registration ?
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