Generate a QR Code on web version

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Generate a QR Code on web version

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The mobile app allows the person receiving money to input the “Amount” & “Description” fields and then generate a QR Code. This allows a merchant to use this as mobile as a POS system (being able to enter their own reference [invoice No. etc] as the description and the amount). The customer only needs to scan the QR to complete the transaction (simple and easy for the customer). If this is wanted to be replicated using the website it is not possible. The customer would scan the QR code and then have to enter the amount & description. My problem here is that is all about convenience for the customer – they don’t want to have to enter the invoice number (or any description) & amount. Is there any way that the merchant can do this (using the website) and then generate a new QR code for each transaction? (that has amount & description pre-populated).
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Re: Generate a QR Code on web version

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you can use the easy invoice functionality. ... uick_steps
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