Payment with account number

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Payment with account number

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Thank you very much for adding me to your forum. I'm preparing the cyclos platform for a complementary (local) currency in Belgium - Louvain-La-Neuve, but I'm facing a problem between the configuration of the desktop and mobile version.

We don't want to allow the user to search others users to make payement, because a lot of them will choose names like "Nico1", "Nico2", ... So some payement could be done to the wrong person. We choose to allow payment with the account number (UUU-############) or directly to a saved contact and it works fine in the desktop version.
On the mobile version, it's not possible to make a payment or add a contact with the account number, but it works with the user login (and we would avoid this possibility).

Do you already face this problem? Is it a way to fix this problem?

Thank you by advance for your help.
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