NULL_POINTER while creating transferType

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NULL_POINTER while creating transferType

Post by faisal »

Hi i am trying to create a transfer type using cyclos library 4.8
what i am trying to do is call the getDataForNew function and get the result. Then call the to save it

but while i am calling getDataForNew i got below error

stdClass Object
[class] => java.lang.NullPointerException
[errorCode] => NULL_POINTER
Error while calling transferTypeService.getDataForNew: NULL_POINTER

Code: Select all

    require_once 'configureCyclos.php';

    Cyclos\Configuration::setAuthentication("username", "pass");
    $TransferTypeService = new Cyclos\TransferTypeService();

    try {
        $ac = new stdClass;
        $ac->class = "org.cyclos.model.banking.accounttypes.AccountTypeVO";
        $ac->id = 'id';

        $fac = new stdClass;
        $fac->class = "org.cyclos.model.banking.accounttypes.AccountTypeVO";
        $fac->id = 'id';

        $data = new stdClass();
        $data->operation = "getDataForNew";
        $data->params = array(
            "class" => "org.cyclos.model.banking.transfertypes.TransferTypeDataParams",
            'id' => 'id',
            'nature' => 'PAYMENT'

        $getNew = $TransferTypeService->getDataForNew($data);
        echo "<pre>";

    } catch (Cyclos\ServiceException $e) {
        echo "<pre>";
        echo("Error while calling $e->service.$e->operation: $e->errorCode");

can someone please point me my mistake
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