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Strategic third party system integration / scripting issue

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:26 pm
by pataze
Hello! I am new to Cyclos, however I found it a very complete solution for my software endings when we talk about payments and company finance management.
If you don't mind, please share your experience using RPC(Groovy) or any REST client API's I wanted to have few opinions of those with more experience, so we can decide where to head our integration strategy between both technologies.

The script problem I am having is quite simple and based on Cyclos 4.6:

System => Company => Employee

Since multiple companies will be registered on the system, we will have "Company" account and also its Employee accounts
We are not able to manage sending funds in accordance with the documentation link: ... ml#d0e1108
We manage to send funds from company account to its employee perfectly fine.

Here`s the error returned:
public $firstError =>
string(33) "Tipo de pagamento é obrigatório" (english literal translation: "payment type is mandatory")
public $allErrors =>
array(1) {
[0] =>
string(33) "Tipo de pagamento é obrigatório" (english literal translation: "payment type is mandatory")

What am I missing when the transfer is a system-> user transfer?



Re: Strategic third party system integration / scripting iss

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:41 pm
by Xebax
Hi Patricia,

If I understand it well, you have one or more system accounts and 2 groups of members : Companies and Employees.
You have managed to do a member to member payment (company to employee) but you have an error with a system to member payment (system to company). Is that correct?

The error message says that the payment type is mandatory so I suppose you didn't provide the "type" parameter. I think the payment can work even without this parameter if there is only one possible payment type between the two accounts, but it will fail if there are several ones because Cyclos will don't know which one it must perform. Even if there is only one payment type, I recommend you to define the payment type explicitly, it will make your code easier to understand and you will avoid problems when you will modify the configuration.

I can't help more without seeing any source code.

Best regards,