circular dependencies error despite not being circular

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circular dependencies error despite not being circular

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I'm currently building a set of library scripts to use in custom web service and sms sending scripts. I built them up in a modular fashion so that I can reuse the code.

However, now I have the issue that I cannot save changes to the script, since a false positive check on circular dependencies is detected. I have the following

script dependency tree (dependencies from top to bottom):

Code: Select all

        /   |   \
scriptBcd   |    \
    \   \   |     |
     \  scriptCd  |
      \    |     /
When I now try to save scriptAbcd, I get the error about circular dependency:
The action couldn't be processed, as there were validation errors:
- Included libraries would cause circular dependencies
I have to first remove the dependency to scriptD on scriptBd and scriptCd and then I can change the code in scriptAbcd. After that I have to add the dependencies back to scriptBd and scriptCd in order to get no error.

This is absolutely devastating, as development is nearly impossible like this!

Can you please check if this applies also to you or what I can do to find out more on what causes the error. I'm happy to share the scripts as well, if it might be script-dependent.

Cyclos v4.8.2 w/ Social license
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