payment system to user error

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payment system to user error

Post by nakataf1 »

hello everyone.
i'm using cyclos 4.7, i have problem when i try to make a payment from system to user.
"error calling payementservice.perform VALIDATION"
the script is

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require_once 'configureCyclos.php';

$transactionService = new Cyclos\TransactionService();
$paymentService = new Cyclos\PaymentService();

$data = $transactionService->getPaymentData('SYSTEM', array('username' => 'c1'));

$parameters = new stdclass();
$parameters->from = $data->from;
$parameters->to = $data->to;
$parameters->type = $data->paymentTypes[0];
$parameters->amount = 5;
$parameters->description = 'Test from system to user';

$paymentResult = $paymentService->perform($parameters);
$paymentId = $paymentResult->id;
$transferId = $paymentResult->transferId;
if ($transferId == NULL) {
    echo("Not yet authorized\n");
} else {
    echo("Payment done!\n");
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Re: payment system to user error

Post by faisal »

did u able to slove this issue coz i am also facing issue in TransactionService
though i get a bit different type of issue. if you able to work out the TransactionService please give me a bit details about solving issue
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