Cyclos 4.6 - External operations via custom webservices

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Cyclos 4.6 - External operations via custom webservices

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Hello, everyone.

I wanna develop a series of modules for external operations (on a given website) that don't need to maintain any session, such as logging a user, performing a specific type of payment and log out immediately from Cyclos. After reading the Cyclos 4.6 documentation for Webservices, external login and custom webservices I didn't understand if the best way to do this would be to make RPC calls to login and perform the payment. Should I make web-rpc calls by using the /loginService and /paymentService urls (and in this case I would have to use an access client to get the session and then perform the payment as an authenticated user, right?) or is there any way to immediately login AND perform the payment (for example, using a custom web service script)?

PS: I am trying to test an external remote call in PHP without importing any PHP client (simply calling the service-mapped urls) and some routes return me "illegalArgumentException" and others return me "PERMISSION_DENIED"). I am passing the username and password in a base64 encode and the method parameters in a JSON on the request's body). What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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