API for C# (java DTO's)

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API for C# (java DTO's)

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Hi, (I hope this is the correct subforum)

Currently we are using cyclos for our project tijdmunt (www.tijdmunt.nl). We are in the progress of building a complete new frontend ontop of cyclos. To do so we are interacting with the json api that is provided from c#. As I saw on your website there is a java api. Is there source code available of this api or atleast the DTO's to speed up development?

I would like to use the java api to implement our c# api. Currently I have a small part working with standard c# DTO's, automatic json serialization and generic methods. Though, figuring out all DTO's will take a lot of time and definitely copy/pasting information from the java api will save time. I hope you can help us out.

With kind regards,
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