API: Addresses

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API: Addresses

Post by gustavo_san »

Hello guys,

How do i add an address for a user using the cyclos API?


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Re: API: Addresses

Post by luis »

Check out http://www.cyclos.org/dev/current/ws-ap ... rvice.html
The regular flow for creating a record in Cyclos is:
* Call getDataForNew. In this case, the parameters should contain the user id. See http://www.cyclos.org/dev/current/ws-ap ... arams.html
* The returining data object contains a dto, plus other interesting data you can need to fill in the object.
* Fill-in that dto, then pass it back to the save method on the service

It should do the trick.
Luis Fernando Planella Gonzalez
Cyclos development team

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