Ad's category-tree for member profiles

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Ad's category-tree for member profiles

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Dear Alexandre & Cyclos-Supporters,

is there a way to add a custom field to user's profile for selecting entries from ad's categories?
  • * as linked entity (can i add a new linked entity type "ads categories" or is there another way?)
    * as simple select box with loaded values from ads categories
We want to have the same category tree for members / users for filtering the maps, member search and so on.

Currently only ads can be filtered by category.

In most cases it would make very sense to have the option to assing 1 to <n> categories to members. <n> would be nice to be configurable (e.g. max. 3 categories).

Any chance to achieve it?
Any chance that you will add it in upcoming releases?

Thank you,

PS: Also seen at this forum thread
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