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Enabled "Ad Expired" Notification - No notification or email sent

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:39 pm
by CalgaryDollars

I followed these steps:
System > User Configuration (left hand menu) > Products > Members
Scroll Down to “Messages & Notifications”
Click on “Notifications” drop down menu
Scroll to “Marketplace as Seller” ------> Ad expired
Checked off: “Enabled”, “Email”, “Default by email”

And it appeared to check off those boxes in our user's settings. However, when we tested this by creating ads that would expire, no notifications were received.

I also activated New User Registration notification for our admin. This Notification worked.
So far we haven't received a notification for new ads posted.

The most important notification is for ad expiry. Is there something else we need to enable for this to work?

Thank you!