Cyclos 4 PRO developer WANTED

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Cyclos 4 PRO developer WANTED

Post by MT-Giedrius »


We are looking for cyclos developer who would be able to help us with following task:

We are looking for solution of how cyclos could send „event notifications“ to our microservices (backend) about any type of event. I mean when user initiates any transaction, we want (in backend) to know in real time about this event. If user does something additional – we need to know about it . It does not matter how the message will be delivered (webhook or AMQP or other type of protocol) but we need to get and process it in realtime.

Cyclos has advised, that can be quite easily done with a Transfer extension point (menu: System - Tools - Extension points - New).
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Re: Cyclos 4 PRO developer WANTED

Post by simafe »


If you are still looking for a cyclos 4 developer, please contact me:

skype: simafe_2000

I can implement those extension points. Thanks

Best regards,
Felix Sima
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