restrict global users to ip ranges

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restrict global users to ip ranges

Post by admin_de2 »

Dear Cyclosians,

is it possible to "mask" an global or administrative user with an ip range?

If that is possible in the user settings / system settings, can you please point out wehre it is?

If this is not possible in Cyclos itself, do you know a way to do it in TomCat and / or on the webserver / server?
(Problem is, it's user-dependent...)

Any feedback would help a lot.

Thank you,

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Re: restrict global users to ip ranges

Post by alexandre »


You need to create a new configuration, and assign this config to the admin group that must be restricted.
On this config you can restrict the access of the admin on that config and filter the ip on the channel restrictions.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.

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