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Transaction Fees

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 1:26 pm
by ChrisCurrent
Hello All,

We are currently having issues implementing transaction fees. Right now, transactions can be made between multiple account types the following though is the types of transactions which we hope to implement a deducting transaction fee of 2%: user to user (business to business) and individual to user (individual to business). Whenever we attempt to implement a fee, the fee interferes with our SMS payment setup.

We do not currently have "generated" transaction types, as we do not know the correct way to implement them. So far, we have come to the conclusion that "generated" transactions are necessary as to create a transaction fee...however, creating one is not very intuitive. We need advice on how to create a transaction fee and if that requires a "generated" transaction (and also how we might create a "generated" transaction).

Thank you,

Assisting Technical Director
Hudson Valley Current