Payment Gateways

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Payment Gateways

Post by beaug »

Just wanted to put my two cents out here. I have tried to find someone to affordably integrate ANY payment processor other than Paypal with Cyclos and have completely failed. The main reason this software is not in use by every major barter exchange in the United States and abroad is because it has no comprehensive list of payment gateways integrated with it.

Barter exchanges need two things:

1. The ability to automatically process credit cards on each trade. For example, business 1 buys $100 worth of widgets from business 2. Business 1 pays $100 in barter dollars and $10 in USD as a fee on the transaction. The software should automatically charge the credit card that the user has configured already on file with this fee.

2. The ability to choose the payment processor of their choice. Yes I know you have an example of a Paypal integration already. This has NEVER worked every time I have tried to configure it. You should have PRE-CONFIGURED payment processors already ready to go in the software for Stripe, Braintree, Square, Paypal,, Cashflow, NMI, etc. You should be able to configure the login details and it simply works.

I'd pay to have at least Stripe integrated but I can't seem to find anyone who wants to do the work. I'd pay STRO the $1500 or more ON THE SPOT for a small license if the software had the ability to automatically process the cards through the processor of my choice pre-integrated.
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Re: Payment Gateways

Post by shashank »

We have managed to integrate payment gateways other than paypal such as cashfree and payUMoney. I think you need a right partner to enable it.
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