Transferrable Voucher

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Transferrable Voucher

Post by barry »

Hi Admin,

Cyclos Rocks! My goodness, the new version, 4.13 is loaded. Great job guys!

Now that vouchers can be assigned to members (in version 4.12.7), I think in the next version
it should be possible for members who purchase vouchers or are assigned vouchers to be able
to transfer their voucher to another member in Cyclos. And by the transfer, the ownership of
the voucher changes from the former owner to the new owner (all in Cyclos).

Alternatively, links to share on social media can be provided on the vouchers bought or assigned to
members to enable quick sharing. Cyclos should be able to log and show in members' account of all
social media sharing for auditing purposes.

Or since you guys rock to the 100th degree, you can implement both for the pleasure and ease of use for the

My humble suggestion!
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