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Setting Transfer Limits On Accounts In Products

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:18 am
by barry
Hello Admin,

Limits on transfers are set when creating a transfer type. So limits can be set per transfer, per day, week, month and year.
So we can set different limits for different transfer types in the same account.

However, there is no way to set a limit on how much can be transferred from an account type per day, week, month and year.

Now, just as limits can be set on the positive or negative balances on an account type, we should be able to set limits on how
much can be transferred from account types per day, week, month and year in PRODUCTS.

For example, when transfer limits are set on account types at the PRODUCT level, Cyclos will prohibit the user from performing
transfers if the sum of the user's transfers equals the transfer limits set at the PRODUCT level.

This is an effective control set at the account level to control transfers at the transaction level.

I hope my suggestion will be considered as useful.

Many thanks,