inactive account fee

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inactive account fee

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Sometimes, customers have low account balances and they don't use their account any more. For example, We have customers with € 0,01 in their account for 2 years. We cannot close their account, because it has € 0,01. And they cannot take € 0,01 from their account, because we charge € 0,25 per wire transfer. So, for the customer it is better to forget that € 0,01 than to add € 0,25 so he can have € 0,26 in his account to be able to transfer € 0,01 to his bank account and pay the wire transfer costs of € 0,25.

To solve this issue automatically, It would be good to have a fee that is applied to inactive accounts. If an account is inactive for a period of time, we would apply a € 4,00 fee, for example. If the account has € 4,00, it pays the fee. It the account has less than € 4,00, it pays all the amount available in the account, so the account will have € 0,00 of balance and then, after alerting the customer, we can close it.
Thanks for your kind attention.
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