Advanced Cyclos Analytics with IBM Bluemix Cloud

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Advanced Cyclos Analytics with IBM Bluemix Cloud

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We recently implemented a Cyclos demo on IBM's Bluemix platform to enable us to utilize IBM Bluemix advance analytics and API integration tools with Cyclos. We use IBM Compose to host our database. Compose if a fully managed database service that runs across a 3 node cluster and is automatically backed up with built-in fail over. You can explore our IBM Bluemix demo using the credentials at

Key capabilities (under implementation / implemented) include
- automatically award reward points each time a transaction is performed. Points can be used to purchase vouchers
- allow agents to set exchange rates that are used to allow FOREX transfers between multiple currency accounts
- multi-step approval process for key transactions
- paypal integration for account top up as well as for purchasing reward points
- integrated marketplace
- key cyclos features such as SMS payment (not active on demo platform), mobile app, online, POS, NFC card

Given that this is a public demo, there is limited scope to make changes to the platform, but the full set of capabilities can be experienced. If you find any bugs / errors, let us know by sending an email to

We are now able to use IBM Advanced analytics tools to analyze transactions in the Cyclos database. You can read about the advance analytics capabilities at - ... -analytics

Contact if you would like to learn more about our experiences and how IBM Bluemix can be used to extend the value of the Cyclos platform
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