Information/help for non experts.

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Information/help for non experts.

Post by rays_choice »

These forums are full of information which to people who are NOT programmers is useless. I would like to suggest that IF some competent programmers/users were willing to help those with out these skills, this is an opportunity for programmers/ skilled users to supplement their income and increase their involvement.

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Re: Information/help for non experts.

Post by Purmerend »

Hello Ray (s_choice),

I recognize your problem; we also run our LETSystem without skilled administrators.

I wouldn't say most information is useless to us though, rather very time consuming in comparison with a skilled administrator. Not being an english speaker in daily life makes it even more complicated. But we're very thankful Cyclos (STRO) offers us the software to run our system and to use this forum, all for free!

At the same time I think you're right: this forum could be far more effective, for dummies like us ...
But how could the more skilled administrators supplement their income? What do you mean? Do you want to introduce payment for us users of the forum, so the active skilled ones can get payed?

P.s.: I want to highlight that I do feel responsability to answer questions of other users and I like being an active forum member, but for us 'dummies' it's often not possible to help out other forum users. The skilled users probably feel little need to use this forum, so they won't see our 'dummie questions'. How to get out of this deadlock?

Kind regards,

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