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Comments for Account Admins

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:39 pm
by admin_de2
Hi all,

a current project is setup as a elder care project.
So, many users are managed by an accout admin.

For these users, account admin creates "needs" in the market place.

Users from the other user group announce by the comment function on market place entries, if they can cover the "need".
So, the first or chosen one is doing the job.

Unfortunatley, account admin cannot comment these posts or answer comments.

This would be a sensful requirement / feature request in my opinion.

Maybe i have overseen some configuration which would make is possible to let account admins comment market place entries?

Please write an short answer if comment writing for account admins is possible or not NOW, i'd like to report the customer.

Thank you very much & all best, Sam