IRS 1099-B Income Reporting

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IRS 1099-B Income Reporting

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Hi all,

I was hoping to use cyclos for a barter network in the USA, but there is a need for reporting members' annual income to the IRS, and I can't figure out how to implement that function in cyclos. I imagine there would be some scripting involved to get the data set for each user into an output. Then some other scripting to generate a letter to the member, and the 1099-B report for the IRS.

I was very surprised that this was not a part of cyclos already, but then again, this is only needed for US-based users/networks. All the US-centered barter software includes this, but they are hideous or expensive and don;t provide the other functionality I love in cyclos.

Here's some info on 1099-B:,-Pro ... ansactions

Any help on implementing this, or what to do next would be amazing!

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