Behaviour depending on units' age

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Behaviour depending on units' age

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is it or will be possible to track in Cyclos 4 the age of the units created?

For example, if a member receives 100 units the day 1 of the month and 200 units the day 15 of the month in the member account, at the end of the month the balance is 300 units, but 100 are 1 month old and 200 are 15 days old.

This would help, for example, setting up exact demurrage fees. Now is possible to set an account fee for all the balance, lets say at the end of the month. But it is applying to the balance equally regarding of the units were received the day 1 or 15. Actually the demurrage should be applied for 100 and the member should have 15 more days to spend the 200 that entered the day 15th.

Another application would be transactions that need a handling time. For example, lets say there is a transaction that needs 48 hours handling time. The transaction could be performed and shown in the account, the member informed per email but without withdrawal possibility. After 48 hours the funds could be released if the transfer type "withdrawal" is set to 48 hours age as minimum to be performed.

The problem in both cases is to track how old is each part of the balance that is adding up in an account.

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Re: Behaviour depending on units' age

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We will provide some counters in a future version. An age counter will available.
The counters will be always calculated as avarage for an entire amount (e.g. account balance or payment).
At this moment the counters are still in R&D phase and we cannot give more details about it.

Demurrage will be availabe in the second quarter of 2014. Demurrage will be, just as Cyclos3, calculated on the transaction volume. It will taken in account the history of the account balance changes (per day).

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