Sending "e-mail payments" to non-users

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Sending "e-mail payments" to non-users

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Is there currently a way to allow members to send payments to individuals who are not currently users? For instance, sending a payment to a non-member e-mail address, which automatically sends an e-mail which alerts the person that they have received funds, and instructing them how to claim them? Is this achievable using the existing functionality (ie. extensions), or is this currently not feasible?

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Re: Sending "e-mail payments" to non-users

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This feature is on the wish list. Depending on the configuraiton it would work with any channel. For example, somebody could send funds via SMS to a (non cyclos registered) phone number, the receiver could accept the pament what would activate his account.
This feature is not planned yet so we cannot give any estimation yet.

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Re: Sending "e-mail payments" to non-users

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Would this feature be achieved with extension points in Cyclos 3? ... ion_points

Just by triggering a member registration with the recipient's email/mobile data when this transaction type would be performed.

Here is also explained how extension points will be like in Cyclos 4:
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