Some suggestions

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Huub Mons
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Some suggestions

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I'm the webmaster of
The new Cyclos 4 software looks very good, and I'm testing the software now (see:

Some suggestions:
  1. UPDATE: I just found a setting that can change the visual name! Still testing, but this seems to be solved, nice :D

    We use aliases (numbers) for members. At this moment there is a "Login name" and a "Name" (full member name), if the list of advertisements is shown, the full member name is shown. I think it's better if the login name is shown by an advertisement.
    Login name = 100 (or an alias like "Trader")
    Name = Sander van Zanten
    Name by advertisement = 100
  2. We need the possibility to collect contribution from active members, if possibly automatically (e.g. 4 "zonnen" per month).
  3. I changed the usergroup of a member. I moved the user to a removed usergroup, and now I can't change it anymore :? Oops, I want that member back as a normal member... Is it possible to reset member 210 to a normal member?
    In our club it's possibly to change roles of members to secretary, chairman or normal member and back. Maybe it's better if I use completely seperated logins for admin and members?
  4. (low priority, but would be nice) I wish I could import old payments, so member can see the full payment history...
  5. (low priority, but would be nice) I like a seperation of admin account and member account. I now have to switch from admin to member by logout and login.
    If there is a seperate login for admin and member, it's possible to use 2 browser tabs and login twice (as member and admin).
    At this moment I get fault messages if I try to use 2 browser tabs and double login...

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Re: Some suggestions

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Dear Huub,

Thanks for the suggestions. We will have a good look at it.
Here some comments.

2. Contribution function (account fee) will be added in version 4.0.4 (release date february 2014)
3. Indeed if you remove a user it is removed permanently. But for backup purposes we do not delete it from the database. It is good practice to use the disable group in order to temporary disable members. We will improve this function with direct buttons in the profile page in one of the next versions.
5. You cannot login with two different users in the same browser. That is a technical limitation. The solution would be to login with different browsers.

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