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Register by SMS

Post by barry »


You guys are the best. Cyclos is one comprehensive platform.
I have a suggestion and I think that if it incorporated into the Cyclos4 Pro, it will do a lot of good to users from areas where people rely mostly on sms than the internet because it is not available and also because of poverty.

I am suggesting that users should be able to register via sms and be automatically activated without any activation from administrators. This is ideal for the provision of cheap payment services for the rural folks in Africa.

Example, reg_dcorman_031975

After this process, a validation sms will be sent to dcorman. Dcorman follows validates the registration via sms and is automatically activated and ready to do business.

I believe this can be done.


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Re: Register by SMS

Post by rmvanarkel »

Thank you for you kind words! If I understand you correctly this feature is already available in Cyclos 3, see ... r_new_user

We are also planning to create it for Cyclos 4, but it will still take a little bit of time before we have SMS running on Cyclos 4. I hope that answers your question.

Best regards,

The Cyclos team.

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