All-user Language Switching

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All-user Language Switching

Post by Fe2hi »


Although I think cyclos is the best software ever made, I still can't see why it doesn't have language switching capability for all kinds of users. It would be great if users could dynamically switch back and forth between the languages of their choice. Moreover, any user or community would have a "default" language, but still the members could switch to another language whenever they want.

This is important where the inhabitants of a country or region are composed of different ethnic groups.

Users would click on a customizable lang-switch icon, and the available languages would become visible along with their respective countries' flags. User would make a choice and the whole software changes to that lang (overriding superadmin default community language setting). This icon should be visible not just in browser but also in all other channels (SMS,WAP, POS...etc).

For more clarity, please take a look at a CMS software by the name ZAZAVI. It has a very good language swiching functionality.

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Re: All-user Language Switching

Post by rmvanarkel »

Thanks for your kind words, we have heard this request before, the difficulty lies in translation of dynamic names such as account names and names of profile fields. We put this on our wish list, but we cannot promise you anything for now.
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Re: All-user Language Switching

Post by joe_ecotwo »


I have been looking at Cyclos as software that I could use for a barter system that I am starting to form.

One of the issues that will come up is the fact that I live in a bilingual town: Montreal, Canada.

We need French and English.

I see that the question/answer are 1 to 1.5 years old. Has there been any progress on the ability to allow a user to use it in one of multiple languages?

One example of software that does this very well is the forum software that you are currently using: PHPBB

You just upload a language profile, and depending on the language you are using, you assign it to a user.dual language description.

The actual descriptions and what not would never be translated, unless the person puts a

Your concern about naming dynamic names, this could be done by asking the user to give the names for the Account name or other dynamic property right when the enter the original, and it is assign to a separate file in the file for the permanent translations. The only thing to consider is upgrades. This file would have to be saved when upgrading.

I use it myself. My users can be logged in either using French or English. Granted, this software is written in PHP. I have no idea how the JAVA world works. And, if it was not considered when writing the original code, it might be more challenging. I know not how java works.

Either way, this is an important feature for many parts of the world where languages are multiple in the area.

Thanks for listening.

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Re: All-user Language Switching

Post by rmvanarkel »

The language switcher will be available in Cyclos 4.4.
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Re: All-user Language Switching

Post by nikolaj »

rmvanarkel wrote:The language switcher will be available in Cyclos 4.4.
Thank you for switching languages.
If you add a new language. In switcher is seen template language, but not a new language name.
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