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Deep link with prefilled fields

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Dear Hugo, dear Roder,

is there an option to have deeplink in Cyclos, as available with EasyInvoice functionality?

https://cyclos-instance.tld/#users.user ... my-profile
=> Calls the profile, it works

https://cyclos-instance.tld/ ... -to-system
=> Calls the banking, payment system => user

https://cyclos-instance.tld/?amountFiel ... -to-system
=> Calls the banking, payment system => user as well, but does not prefill the amount field with 100, stays empty

Additional question:
When it's not possible by GET-var (which is probably exclude due to security reasons, isn't it?!?), is it possible then to achive it per script and POST-vars or other technics in the script?!?

Thank you very much,

PS: Funny, similar but different question from my side 13 years ago... viewtopic.php?f=2&t=235&p=761&hilit=dee ... 3d3c4#p761 here.
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