no option to reset inlog

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no option to reset inlog

Post by Ellen »
i lost my password, but there is no option to create a new password.

1. Can you create an option to ask for a new password. (normally this is a common option).

2. Because i couldn't login with my original account, i created a new one. Now i've a double account.
How can i delete one account, and get a new password for the other one?

greetings Ellen Karis
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Re: no option to reset inlog

Post by alexandre »


This option must be enabled at your configuration:
"Vergeten wachtwoorden ophalen."
And At guest section:
"Toon de 'wachtwoord vergeten' optie tijdens het inloggen"

i enabled it for you and now you can retrieve your login credentials.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.
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Re: no option to reset inlog

Post by makuno »

Hi! Good Peoples,
As I was going through looking for a simmilar problem I had like this one, I created 3 accounts to which I cannot log in or reset the passwords, How do I delete this accounts and how I can configure this one : ... 4178829887
THanks in advance
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