Commercial Credit Circuit

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Commercial Credit Circuit

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I want to configure my community to be a Commercial Credit Circuit in accord with the paper:

"Commercial Credit Circuit (C3) A Financial Innovation to Structurally Address Unemployment"
by Bernard Lietaer( in collaboration with STRO(

That paper says, "As C3 is completely computerized, even such individually small-scale entities can now be serviced at a very low cost." However, having obtained a Cyclos 4 community, and exploring its options, I have not been able to identify how one conducts all the the critical CCC operations as described in that paper.

For example, the paper cites the need for "invoice insurance" but I find no mention of such an entity when doing a google search for insurance restricted to let alone "invoice insurance".

How can I go about getting the consulting I need to configure a CCC with Cyclos 4? Do I need to purchase a license of some kind?
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