Register offline users w/o email

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Register offline users w/o email

Post by wezetel »

We want to have two groups of users: online and offline users. The offline users (which will send their input in paper form) are managed by the admins and have no e-mail address. So far I have made two child configurations and two products (each for online and offline users). I have removed the 'e-mail neccesary' option in the main and the offline configuration. The offline product also does not include any e-mail related condition (as far as I can see).
But if I want to create a new offline user I get a validation error (e-mail required), even if there is no e-mail field visible in the registration form.
Did anybody see this strange behaviour and solved it?

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Re: Register offline users w/o email

Post by alexandre »

You are using the cyclos4 communities?

You change the user gruops to use the configurations changes?

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.

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