fixed ad field "Price"?

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fixed ad field "Price"?

Post by thomasw »

Hi again,

i'd like to ask if there is a way to remove the ad-field "price".
It seems to be fixed cause it does not appear on page System -> Ad fields

Is there a way to:
- either delete / deactivate it;
- or just mark it as invisble


Thanks in advance,

PS: Investigation into this, i found out that i cannot find a possibility to configure ad fields for groups? All groups see all ad fields? Or do you have a hint, please?

PPS: The cyclos help tells that "Some entities in Cyclos have `fixed` or `built-in` fields. For example a user profile has the fixed fields `email` and `username`, advertisements have a fixed price field, and a payment has a `description`field. A fixed field does not imply that it is always visible. The admin can still change the visibility by setting permissions."
I found settings at products -> section ads to active some user defined ad fields, but not the fixed fields like "price". Would appreciate very much any hint.
Thomas Sam Wittich
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Re: fixed ad field "Price"?

Post by Joan »

Hi, Thomasw!

I think is not possible to eliminate the price field.
If you publish an ads without indicating the price, the price field appears as "no set price"
Perhaps this will serve.

Best regards!

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