CYCLOS Community charges and confirguation

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CYCLOS Community charges and confirguation

Post by Jay » Tue May 19, 2015 6:33 pm

Hi ,

I need to play with the settings and confirguation before i launch the core business model .
The below link says i need to upgrade my community by paying 25 eur . My questions are as below-

1)Can we reset my community to fresh installation after i have played and learned how cummities work ? how can i do it ?
I don't want to pay 25 eur evertime creating if i mess up with my community .
2)Once my commuinty and website is set-up and launched , i may require to take database back up frequently , how is this possible ? may be daily once .
Will i be provided the access to database to do DB Admin tasks via PHPMYADMIN /mysql connector?
3)If your community server are down , is der chances of losing my data ? how often the the community database is backed up ?
4)Apart from 25 Eur , hope there are no other charges involved , and yes if our business is profitable we would contribute to cyclos for sure .

Please let me know above details , so i can go-ahead , pay and start playing with it. i have played with cyclo3 and found satisfactory with cyclo3 so far .


Re: CYCLOS Community charges and confirguation

Post by Jay » Fri May 22, 2015 11:24 am

Am i in the wrong forum ? how to get immediate or single day support for the community people in case of any issue with my community ?

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Re: CYCLOS Community charges and confirguation

Post by rmvanarkel » Fri May 22, 2015 12:08 pm

Dear Jay,

You are in the good forum, however this is a user to user forum as mentioned in the sticky post (The one that says "Please read this before posting"):
At this forum community administrators can help each other with questions and exchange experiences about Cyclos.
Be aware that this is a user to user forum. The Cyclos team cannot give any support here.

The community service is completely free and without any advertisements or other commercial agenda, the 25 euro charged are purely to cover the administrative work we have to do, if you request a new domain or extra permissions. We are a non-profit organisation, with lots of people that are idealistically motivated to help us. Still we get hundreds of requests for free support that we cannot give, because we don't have the capacity. So please understand why we do not give support to communities (we have more then a thousand active communities).

1) No you should just clean up the configuration yourself, or pay again, because the 25 just covers the work we do for you.
2) This is a service we do not (and will not) provide! If you wish to access your own database you should use Cyclos 4 PRO:
3) As mentioned in the agreements we cannot be held responsible for this, however we have a whole set of precautions to make sure the data is never lost. Also we make a daily backup to different physical locations.
4) No there are no other cost, only when you want to use your own domain or something we have to do some work for.

So if you are thinking of using Cyclos as a business you should consider using Cyclos 4 PRO instead.

Good luck with your efforts!


Re: CYCLOS Community charges and confirguation

Post by Jay » Fri May 22, 2015 12:27 pm

Hi rmvanarkel ,

Thanks for the reply , that justifies all my queries .
I will put few other quesries in CYCLOS4 Pro forum .

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