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Vote 4 Cyclos 4 to be added on AFFORDABLE cloud hosting here

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:11 pm
by ronelgon
After taking now a week without success to install Cyclos 4 pro to my VPS, i submitted a request to to add cyclos 4 pro to be added on the applications that they support with one click install in the cloud using amazon, google cloud engine and or azure. They have opened a page for it and now what we need to do isTO VOTE for it in order to be added there.

Advantages of using cloud hosting;
-Simple application installation
-Affordable cloud application hosting
- One click application version upgrade ,etc. As of now, all the available hosting companies for cyclos, are very expensive for small companies/organisations that would wish to start with the cyclos 4 pro from the start because of its advantages.

So, to overcome the high charges from the available companies offering cyclos hosting, lets vote for it to be added to cloud application hosting and lets me hope that the developers would support it too

Otherwise, hosting cyclos 4 pro is very expensive at the moment

Please visit this page and VOTE for it

Thank you

Re: Vote 4 Cyclos 4 to be added on AFFORDABLE cloud hosting

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 5:45 pm
by Jay
for start-up people who is trying hard to learn the cyclos-4 and set-up business the price of cyclos 4 pro is quite high (Hosting + Cyclos fees )= (approx (100 $ + 500 eur (>300 users), is high for me .

Why don't you start with cyclos communities and when you feel confident your business works then migrate to cyclos4 pro ? this is what atleast i am thinking as of now .

Am i missing something ?