Notification on new users awaiting validation

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Notification on new users awaiting validation

Post by GabrielJiménez »

We have set things up so that new users need validation to be active.
But as administrators, we don't get any notifications letting us know that new users have registered.
(we used to get messages when users were allowed to be active without validation, but not now)

in groups---users--details, we've updated the initial state of new users to disabled. In this state, we don't get any notification of new potential registrations. We just get the notification once we have allowed them in. We would like to recieve a notification every time someone starts to join the system, so that we know that we have to decide whether to enable them or not.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Notification on new users awaiting validation

Post by alexandre »


You need to login as admin, go to the admin group -> permissions check the notifications permissions and save
After go to personal - > settings -> notifications and on the "New registered users" select the group used at public registration, and if you and to be notified by mail.

This way you will receive a notification even when the initial user state is disabled.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.

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