Cyclos 4 PRO Configuration

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Cyclos 4 PRO Configuration

Post by onyekachi »

Please if you can advice with the following scenario

I want to configure the Cyclos 4 PRO where you have Merchants and you have Companies. The Companies have members (drivers). Members buy from the Merchants. An example of a Merchant is a fuel provider. An example of companies is companies with fleet of vehicles and has drivers (members) that buy fuels from the fuel companies.

With the above scenario how would you configure the following?

Merchants – Would you configure the Merchants as System account or as Member account? If a System account, would it be possible to assign a member(not an administrator) as the system account administrator.
Companies – would you configure the companies group with broker user product. What is the best way to configure the companies so that it has its members and the members can purchase form any Merchant.

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Re: Cyclos 4 PRO Configuration

Post by alexandre »


Please have a look on the and on the admin manual.

These must solve your doubts.

Alexandre Caurrinhos
Cyclos development team.

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