Change initial credit to prevent fraud

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Change initial credit to prevent fraud

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My name is Renaldo and I am new to this forum. Recently i started using Cyclos 4 communities. The reason for this is to create a better world. I believe that current monetary system is all right, but at the same time it has some bad side effects. Crises, unemployment and unequal distribution of wealth are some of the things. I believe that cyclos can offer a solution for those problems. Therefore i started using cyclos 4 communities. I want to upgrade to cyclos 4 pro when things start running.

I have a question for which I couldn't find an answer in this forum. When i created cyclos 4 communities a gave new accounts a initial credit of 25. I want to change this to 0 because people can make several e-mail account an thus can create more account on cyclos. This way fraud is possible because the initial credits can be send to 1 account to get more credits for 1 person.

So my question, how can i change the initial credit to 0?

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